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CBD Water Soluble Wholesale Solution

A CBD Water Soluble Wholesale Solution for CPG Companies

HOKO Holistics is a provider of a technological solution, Deeper Green™ that converts the extracted hemp plant oil into a safe, fast acting, and water-soluble powder that eliminates the challenges of conventional oil, nanoemulsions, and micro emulsions infusions.

CBD Water Soluble Wholesale

Why our water soluble, dissolvable CBD is different

Our Deeper Green™ technology solution is specifically developed for CPG companies. The water-soluble CBD powder acts like another ingredient in a finished product recipe. Once the formulation is finalized, it is added in during the optimum dry or wet mixing stage. Our dissolvable CBD provides:

  • A Scalable Solution: Whether it’s 200 products per hour or 20,000, manufacturers can trust the consistent dosage provided by Deeper Green

  • A Custom Formulation: (CBD, Terpenes, Nutraceuticals): Edible and beverage manufacturers can create unique and custom formulations.

  • A Homogeneous Powder: Because it is water-soluble, Deeper Green mixes evenly with ingredients, ensuring that the dosage is correct throughout each edible.

The water soluble CBD powder is developed for:

  • Beverages

  • Water drinks

  • Candies

  • Baked goods


Choose between broad spectrum and full spectrum

Choose between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, or develop your own formulation.

Our Broad Spectrum CBD powder contains a range of beneficial compounds naturally found in the hemp plant. This includes terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids (both CBD and lesser-known cannabinoids). This broad-spectrum extract has zero THC and will not trip a test. Every product is associated with a COA that provides complete rundown of ingredients.

The Full Spectrum CBD Deeper Green powder contains the same benefical compounds of the Broad Spectrum CBD plus the legal limit of THC.

Our CBD powder is offered with and without taste and odor based on the terpene profile.

To understand more about how the Deeper Green product works, Click here to get our Deeper Green overview.

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All Deeper Green powder is provided by weight. For example, if an infusion was set at 10mg of CBD per edible and production was 10,000 edibles, then you would require 100,000mg or 100 grams of Deeper Green.

Benefits of water-soluble CBD

The benefits of Deeper Green water soluble CBD powder are many. They include:

  • Full H2O Diffusion

  • Over 90% bio-available

  • Tasteless

  • Odorless

  • Homogeneous

  • Scalable

  • MADE in USA


Science behind dissolvable Deeper Green CBD

FDA Compliance Ingredient

Our process places an oil-based cannabinoid into a protective water-soluble shell. The shell is an FDA compliant ingredient that is compatible with the mucosa in the body, which includes nose, mouth, lungs, and digestive tracts. This membrane crossing permeability allows for infusion into the blood. This process delivers 90 to 95% of the CBD contained in the Deeper Green infusion.

The Deeper Green formulation provides a shell and is not a nanoemulsion or microemulsion infusion.

Our Water soluble dissolvable CBD Program

Our wholesale pricing is based on application, potency and quantity. Click here to connect with the HOKO Holistics team to see how we can develop a solution that meets your application

Author, Jeff Najar



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