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The Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Why are Water Soluble CBD Benefits Better than Oil

Water soluble CBD is the most effective and efficient way for the CBD product to enter your bloodstream. It needs to be in your bloodstream in order for it to provide benefits to the body.

CBD Water Soluble Benefits

The main hindrance to CBD’s benefits is its low bioavailability. Low bioavailability is just another way to say the transfer of CBD into the bloodstream is small. That is why scientists have been looking for alternatives to increase the percentage that gets transferred. Listed below are the forms of infusion and their bioavailability rates.


  • Oil: Up to 20%

  • Nanoemulsions: Up to 50%

  • Microemulsions: Up to 50%

  • Deeper Green™: Over 90%

Scientists working on the Deeper Green formulation have produced a process to increase bioavailability without side effects. And making CBD more water-compatible, makes it more bioavailable.

The following are the approaches in water soluble infusions.

Infusion Options

Deeper Green Technology

The Deeper Green process places an oil-based cannabinoid into a protective water-soluble shell. The shell is an FDA compliant ingredient that is compatible with the mucosa in the body, which includes nose, mouth, lungs, and digestive tracts. This membrane-crossing permeability allows for infusion into the blood. This process delivers over 90% of the CBD contained in the Deeper Green infusion.

Nano emulsions

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of materials on an atomic or molecular scale.

Nano emulsions work by breaking up molecules into tiny, nanoscopic droplets, usually between 10 to 100 nanometers, and using surfactants to bring down the surface tension of the water so that the droplets can mix into it better.

Surfactant means surface active agent. They are utilized in every industrial area ranging from household detergents and food items to pharmaceuticals.


Microemulsions operate on the same principle as nano emulsions. Droplets, created through microemulsions, are usually between 100 and 5000 nanometers.

Microemulsions require the use of more surfactants. Surfactants can create unpleasant taste, mouth feel, and create side-effects with health implications. Taste profiles can include bitter and/or soapy.

CBD Water Soluble Benefits Over Oil

So, the question is, why is water soluble better than oil? Let’s take HOKO Holistics CBD tincture as an example. Why is it better than an oil-based tincture?

The benefits of HOKO Holistics water-soluble CBD tincture are many. The following attributes outperform oil:

  • Over 90% bio-available

  • Fast onset

  • Tasteless CBD

  • Odorless CBD

Scientific Explanation - CBD is hydrophobic in its natural state, which means that it does not mix easily with water. Because of this, it takes as much as an hour to reach the bloodstream. The oil needs to be broken down in the digestive tract and then distributed throughout the body. At the end of the process, only 20% or less of the CBD is extracted and enters the bloodstream.

To find out more about our CBD formulation capabilities, click here to get your copy of our Deeper Green Overview.

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Author, Allen Rader

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